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MMJ,  the problem solving AMC!  "Getting the complicated done right the first time!"


MMJ Appraisal Management, Inc. is a Residential Real Estate Appraisal Management Company providing valuation services targeted towards the mortgage lending industry. MMJ sets itself apart from other firms with its proprietary software platforms, advanced communication technology and diverse panel of appraisal professionals. This, coupled with excellent customer service, allows for the expeditious placement and completion of even the most complex real estate appraisals. Try MMJ and have immediate access to the fastest, most reliable, residential appraisal services available.


Why Choose MMJ?

Let's face it, the New York Metropolitan Area has some of the most complicated real estate in the world. Overall, Manhattan's prices are unlike anything else in the United States, in some cases approaching  $10,000 a square foot.  Even a "typical" apartment easily surpasses the million dollar mark and almost every type of structure has been converted into residential housing.

Whether it be a beachfront Hampton Estate; a Prewar Park Avenue Cooperative; a Converted Tribeca Industrial Loft or a Fifth Avenue Limestone Mansion, we have the expertise and custom appraisal panel to make the complicated look simple!  The super luxury appraisal market typically is under served by the national AMCs.  They don't have the appraisers to properly serve it or the reviewers who truly understand it! 

 The photos throughout the website are not the exception, but "Everyday at MMJ!"

Our executive staff includes Certified Real Estate Appraisers with a background in the mortgage industry. We have a clear understanding of what a lender requires and the expertise to provide them a quality product, consistently on time and the integrated systems to keep them informed through every stage of the process.

You can bank on us!

Experience servicing industry leaders. 

A panel of expert Certified and Licensed Residential Appraisers.  The best in the industry!

A panel of specifically trained Cooperative Housing and Jumbo Mortgage Appraisers.  Getting the complex right, every time!

Capacity to process volume. When you need us, we are there!

A dedicated client specific management team. 

Contact us at so we can give you a tour of the people, systems and facilities that make MMJ stand alone!



"We saw a need for a specialized AMC. One which could handle, on a daily basis, the most complex real estate appraisals."  

Jeffrey Jackson, Chief Appraiser